Ivy Floral Events

Natalie and Shane

Natalie and Shane got married on Saturday 29th April 2017 with the ceremony and reception both being held at Bateman Barns, the colour scheme was soft pinks, palest blues and ivories, with pale blue/silvery toned foliages. Natalie wanted a natural posy style bouquet and loved the idea of having succulents mixed amongst the flowers, to include ‘Sweet Avalanche’ and ‘Avalanche’ roses, ‘Majolica’ and ‘Bombastic’ spray roses, with pale blue delphiniums, grey brunia and touches of soft blue eucalyptus foliages.

The bridesmaids had a neat, compact posy of just gypsophila clustered together to create a gorgeous massed look. Shane had a simple rose buttonhole backed with eucalyptus foliages and a hint of brunia pips at the base, the other groomsmen had a neat cluster of gyp with soft grey foliages. For the ceremony Natalie and Shane had sourced they own mini vases that I attached onto every other chair, these were filled with natural, country style flowers in pale pinks, blues and ivory shades.

The ceremony table had a small group of jam jars with a loose selection of flowers in and the other end had a lantern design with flowers creeping out the door slightly for an over grown look. Half the tables had a lantern with a mini design inside filled with lovely, natural style flowers, the design was arranged to look like it was growing with some of the flowers creeping slightly out of the door of the lantern. The other half of the tables had the flowers that were in the jam jars that were on the chairs for the ceremony, with the top table having a lantern and jams jars for a relaxed, natural look.