Ivy Floral Events

Helen and Tom at Southwood Hall

The lovely Helen and Tom got married on Saturday 6th May 2017 with the ceremony and reception being held at Southwood Hall. Helen isn’t a great flower lover so didn’t want a large, blowsy bouquet, we decided that her bouquet was to be mainly lots of pale blue foliages with clusters of warm champagne toned flowers mixed throughout. The bridal bouquet had Avalanche’ and ‘Vendella’ roses, ‘Snowflake’ spray roses, with clusters of white heather and wax-flower dotted through, soft blue eucalyptus and silvery senecio foliages linked in beautifully with the turquoise bridesmaids dresses.

The maids had a smaller version than the brides bouquet with the foliages taking the staring role. The buttonholes were a single warm champagne toned `Vendella’ rose, backed with the soft foliages for a simple, sophisticated look. The ceremony took place in the gardens, surrounded by stunning flowering plants, two freestanding flower pillars stood either-side of them both during the ceremony.

The flower pillars are made on my iron stands which I then decorated with masses of ivy, eucalyptus with clusters of neutral flowers mixed through, the foliages were ‘snaked’ around the stand and left to cascade. The garden had a gorgeous rusty font that Helen and Tom stood in-front of for the ceremony, they wanted a long and low design to sit on top for a stunning, natural look, some of the foliages were left to trail slightly creating a informal, relaxed look, this design was then moved onto the top table for the evening celebrations.