Ivy Floral Events

Fiona and Tom at Hales Hall

Fiona and Tom got married on the 3rd September with the ceremony and reception both at Hales Hall, Norfolk. Fiona loved the deep, rich autumnal shades and wanted the flowers to have a loose, ‘just picked’ look with lots of textures. The bridal bouquet was made in plum, burgundy, russet, corals and burnt oranges with flowers including ‘Wild Look’, ‘Vuvuzela’ and ‘Piano’ roses, ‘Flashnight’ spray roses, hydrangea, rosehips, mini succulents with ‘Nicolli’ and ‘Populus’ eucalyptus foliages.

The buttonholes were a cluster style with a ‘Vuvuzela’ rose clustered with, succulents, sedum, ‘Flashlight’ spray rose head and eucalyptus foliages, finished with a band of natural twine around the bind point. The table flowers were mis match jam jars filled with seasonal beauties including dahlias, hydrangeas, antirrhiniums, rosehips, ‘Flashnight’, ‘Wild Look’, ‘Vuvuzela’ roses, blackberries, with silver foliages flowing from the jars.