Ivy Floral Events

Danielle and Adam at Caistor Hall

Danielle and Adam got married on the 21st December with the ceremony and reception both taking place at Caistor Hall with the flowers have a stunning, festive feel in deep rich burgundy and nude shades with lots of pheasant feathers, berries and twinkly lights.

Danielle had a clear idea of the look she wanted for her bouquet, she loved the relaxed informal look with lots of foliages mixed through the blooms with the flowers arranged randomly for an ultra special informal look. Flowers including deepest burgundy ‘Red Naomi’ and palest nude pink ‘Quicksand’ roses, some rich red ‘Ribicon’ spray roses, red ‘Skimmia’, mass petalled soft peach and burgundy ‘Ranunculus’, with powder blue ‘Eucalyptus’, along with ‘Spruce’ and ‘Pine’ foliages adding a festive style.

The bouquet also had stunning pheasant feathers creeping out adding a beautiful, rustic look small clusters of pine cones and cinnamon sticks were then dotted through the blooms adding to the festive look. The bouquets had a smaller version than the bridal bouquet with them all wearing floral crowns made from the same flowers that featured in the posies, with the smaller flower-girls having mini versions. The buttonholes were made from a single nude pink ‘Quicksand’ rose cuddled together with red ‘Skimmia’, eucalyptus, spruce and pine with some pheasant feathers nestled in along with tiny pine cones.

For the ceremony area Danielle and Adam wanted to make a feature of the lovely banister, this was decorated with masses of trailing ivy, red ‘Skimmia’, spruce, pine, hints of soft pale blue eucalyptus, with clusters of ‘Red Noami’ roses, ‘`Rubicon’ spray roses, nude pink ‘Quicksand’ roses, ‘Ranunculus’, ‘Mentha’ roses, ivory ‘Snowflake’ spray roses, with pinecones, cinnamon sticks and lots of pheasant feathers mixed throughout, the garland then had battery lights mixed through adding a subtle twinkle to the ceremony area.

The top table had a similar garland running the whole length of the table that looked incredible during the meal and for the evening celebrations, the table flowers were a stunning wreath design that surrounded a design that Danielle and Adam had sourced themselves. The wreath was made from the same flowers in the deep rich burgundy and palest nude pink shades with lots of pinecones, cinnamon sticks and pheasant feathers.