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Chloe and Scott at Brasteds

Chloe and Scott got married on Wednesday 20th June the ceremony was at Framingham Pigot church with the reception then being held close by at Brasteds. Chloe knew the colours she wanted to go for, she decided on pretty pastel lilacs and pinks with hints of warm champagne mixed through.

The bridal bouquet was full of gorgeous roses such as ‘Amnesia’, ‘Mentha’, ‘Vendela’, and ‘Sweet Avalanche’ along with peonies, calla lilies, ‘Bombastic’ spray roses with pretty olive foliages peeking out amongst the blooms to loosen then look and to give a beautiful natural style. The two little flower girls had a carmen wand, a carmen wand is made from taking individual petals of different roses then hot glueing them onto another rose, building up the layers to make one big, amazing rose 🙂

The wands were finished with pastel shimmery ribbons which were tied in a neat bow with the ends left long to trail and drift in the wind to make the girls feel extra special. The buttonholes were a single ‘Mentha’ rose with olive foliages nestled in at the base for a natural, relaxed style these looked great and they complemented the bouquets beautifully.

Framingham Pigot church is the cutest, it has some quirky features which makes it one of my favourites to dress, Chloe and Scott opted for single hydrangea heads in alternating pale pink and lilac tones on the pews, running the whole length of the aisle, the also had a gorgeous design on the font filled with hydrangeas, stocks, roses and peonies, to greet their guests as they enter the church.

For the reception at Brasteds they had a long and low to sit in the middle of the top table to be enjoyed for the afternoon and evening celebrations. Chloe and her mum did a great job of decorating the guest tables, finding silk flowers that matched the flowers that were in the rest of the wedding.